Why you should be doing Content Repurposing this 2022

Creating a content strategy involves creativity, time, and clear goals. Sometimes ideas flow easily; some others, you find yourself struggling to fill the blanks. Here’s when you need to start practicing Content Repurposing. If this doesn’t sound familiar to you, today you’ll learn more about what it is, its benefits and how to start using it in your content strategies.

Who said your strategies need brand new content every single month? When you repurpose content, you’ll save time, improve your online presence, increase your brand management and make the most out of your ideas.

There are as many ways as you can imagine to repurpose your content. Keep reading to find out how to start doing it, and forget about creative blocks! The solution is here!

What is Content Repurposing?

Also known as “Content Recycling”, Content Repurposing means adapting reposted material into something new. In other words, repurposing content is to reuse your ideas in different formats so it can be distributed in a better way on the channels your audience prefers.

However, Content Repurposing isn’t just copying and pasting your content to different channels. It is more than that. Repurposing content can be reposting it on a new channel or incorporating the material in other formats such as video, audio, and images. But it can also be changing the tone of what’s being said or rewriting a story so it can reach a new audience.

Either way, including Content Repurposing, allows you to gain visibility, reach more audiences, optimize your workflow and trigger new conversations in all channels you want.

Benefits of Content Repurposing

“Content is king” is a statement that still prevails. So, if creating valuable and engaging content is a primary task, taking advantage of it is another one as well. Content Repurposing is more than a quick solution for filling a schedule. It can bring many benefits to your company; some of these are:

Do more

What’s the leading resource you invest in when creating content? Did you say time? Yes! Researching, writing, making drafts, and waiting for approvals takes a long time. When you repurpose your content, you save time because there’s no need to start from scratch.

Plus, by repurposing your content, you’ll be able to dedicate more time to other tasks at the bottom of your to-do list, such as researching new trends, engaging with your followers, or reviewing your data.

Reactivate your content

Content Repurposing adds value to every single one of your pieces by reaching a new audience and adding new ways to reinforce and adapt your message to the current climate. This allows you to reach people you may have missed the first time, so when you reactivate your old content, you’re taking a second chance to make things better and improve the results.

For example, maybe certain keywords you used on a previous blog aren’t popular anymore. When reusing this content, you have an opportunity to review what could be done better and put your SEO to good use. Or you can also take a look at what’s trending and what you’ve already done and figure out the best way to use both.

Make your dollar take you further

Creating content is about ideas, but it also costs money and a lot of work. When you deliver a piece of content in different ways, you increase its lifespan, grow your chances of ROI and take advantage of it to its fullest. Furthermore, you can establish a consistent online presence without feeling drowned in content creation.

How to repurpose your content?

So far, the question is how? To repurpose your content, start by identifying which type of content best matches your current goals. Are you looking to reach a specific target? Do you want to sell more of a particular service? There are several tools you can rely on to practice Content Repurposing and getting the best results. Some of these are:


Storytelling is the art of telling a story to create closer connections with a specific audience. By telling stories about a product, brands get the chance to make a difference and stand out among tons of proposals that come out every day. For Content Repurposing, storytelling can be one of your best allies. Not everyone in your audience is a reader, video consumer or podcast lover. Use storytelling to turn your best podcasts into summarized blog posts. Remember that thread on Twitter that went viral? Reuse it as a script for a video. Opportunities are countless! Repurpose your content using storytelling and reach your audience with the content they want to listen to, read or watch.

Explore Content Formats

This is the master key to Content Repurposing. Does your brand do webinars often? According to BigMaker, an average of 260 people register for a webinar and around 40% of the total audiences convert into leads. You can repurpose your existing webinars as blog posts. If you already have a reputation for webinars, you have a lot of content to start with. Reuse it and attract the audience who never consumed that content or encourage them to see it again! You could reach hundreds or thousands of people each time.

Videos are also a great way of Content Repurposing. The rise of short-form video and streaming platforms is a huge opportunity to try out new marketing channels. A large audience of people prefers watching a minute-long or-less video to reading a 1,000-word blog post. According to BrainRules, adding images to texts increases the chances of people remembering what they’ve read to 65%. So, make your content as visual as possible, and your customers will thank you for it.

Educational content and online courses can be repurposed into “lighter” content capsules such as how-to guides or infographics. Studies have shown that infographics get 12% more traffic and 200% more shares than pieces without images like blog posts, e-books or plain text.Try turning educational content into attractive infographics for social media posts, newsletters, etc.

All the above are just a few ways to start repurposing your content. You’ll find as many options as channels, content, and goals your brand has. Make sure to review everything you’ve published and find hidden gems that may take you further.

Inbound marketing

Content Repurposing is a perfect match for Inbound Marketing. To include Content Repurposing in your strategy, the first step is to look at your website’s and social media analytics. Identify the high-performing topics on these platforms as articles on your blog or a video that went viral. Make a list of the best-rank content for metrics like their reach, organic visibility, linking structure, shares, and other performance statistics. This way, you’ll know exactly which content has already proven successful, and you’ll have a clear starting point.

Additionally, a second step is to look at the comments on your blogs, social media posts, and answers on forms or e-mails. This practice of reviewing feedback from customers and followers will also give you even more clues on which content is more suitable for being repurposed.

If you’re in the mood for something extra and have a lot of content on a topic, curate all of it and create an ebook! When repurposing your content, the rules are set by you.

Repurpose your content with Room4 Media

At this point you’ve learned what Content Repurposing is, its benefit, and many ways to put it into practice in your brand. When creating your next pieces of content, remember not to forget the ideas proven to be successful in the past to take advantage of them in the present.

At Room4 Media, we are committed to helping brands create innovative strategies that add value to their customers and increase their content’s lifetime. How do we do it? Our process is simple: We first run a content audit to review the company’s previous and current communication strategies to verify successful and useful content while understanding the customer journey; with this we build a tailored strategy to impact them and achieve the client’s goals while repurposing their previous content through content creation, campaign assets, digital marketing, interactive content among many others.

Are you looking for the right creative partner for your brand? Room4 media is here to help you achieve your goals with the best and current marketing hacks. Visit our webiste room4media.com and discover all of our video marketing services , creative production outsourcing, and more. Say hi, tell us what you need and we’ll guide you with the best team and solutions.


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